Welcome to the Chemical Analysis Metadata Platform website

This project is focused on defining the important metadata (data about data) needed to describe a chemical analysis methodology.  The idea is to evaluate the current and future needs for accurate representation of both classical (wet chemical) and instrumental analysis procedures and present a unified approach to metadata nomenclature, data types, data structures and semantic annotation.

So what does that really mean? Well, in the growing movement toward semantic annotation of science data there is a real need to provide descriptors (metadata) for all parts of science.  With the exponential growth in raw data, having descriptors allows researchers a way to easily (we hope) provide context to the work they are doing.  So, because the area of chemical analysis is so broad, and that it is likely that many groups will try and create there own standards for contextualizing the area, this project aims to provide an extensible platform that:

NOTE: this project is about defining a platform.  It is not, per se, about defining standards (i.e. defining what metadata must be used).  However, standards are the application of the ChAMP platform in a particular area, and so we will also link to them once they are developed.

Recent Updates (5/1/15)

2015 was a very productive time all the way through the end of the RSC funded phase of the project (5/1/15).  Stuart will continue to work on the project over the summer and is actively looking for additional funding. Collaboration opportunities and being explored with IUPAC and the RDA. If you are interested in supporting the development of ChAMP contact Stuart ASAP to keep the momentum going.

For more information on the project look at the overview page linked top right. Stuart and Tony.