After developing the metadata categories and items that characterize chemical analysis it was time to turn to the development of an ontology for chemical analysis.  Development begin by reviewing the entries and organization structure of the following ontologies

As a resullt the Chemical Analysis Ontology (CAO) is organized using the BFO framework with entries primarily under concepts (not complete by any means), material entities, information content entities (data items), roles, and processes. Currently, the ontology is more of a vocabulary in that development of predicates (ontology properties) that relate subjects to objects has not been a focal point. This will be fleshed out over the summer of 2015.

Graphical snapshots of the  0.1 version are show below and the current version of the ontology (0.2 - 4/29/15) in RDF/OWL (using OWL-DL) is linked here.  Please feed any comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Material Entities

material entities

Concepts (need a lot of work)


Information Content Entities

data items


expanded roles