The description category contains the broadly defined 'General Information' about an analytical methodology.  Because the contents of this category is so broad metadata data elements will be added as project progresses (with date added).  If there is metadata missing that you think is important for this category contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • title: the descriptive title of the method (string) [09-17-14]
  • creator: who is the primary author responsible for this method (string) [09-17-14]
    (this could be ORCID or name)
  • description: textual description of the method (string) [09-17-14]
  • analytical focus: what is the main reason for development of the method? (string) [updated 02-26-15]
    (e.g. improvement of the detection limit)
  • application area: broad area where the method will be most useful/used (string/enum) [09-17-14]
    (e.g. 'pharmaceutical','environmental','petrochemical', etc.)
  • analysis type: what is the type of analysis done in the method (string/enum) [updated 02-26-15]
    (e.g. either 'quantitative','qualitative','property')
  • analysis format: what is the format of the analysis (string/enum) [updated 02-26-15]
    (e.g 'wet chemical', 'instrumental','sensor','remote')
  • analysis usage: in what context is the method to be used - is it generally useful or run in a particular situation (string/enum?) [updated 02-26-15]
    (e.g. 'clinical trial','QC','QA','general')
  • analysis interferent: information about interference(s) that can be an issue in the analysis (string) [new 04-28-15] (moved from sampleprep)
  • analysis locale: the environment that the method has been developed for (string/enum) [updated 02-26-15]
    (e.g. 'laboratory','field','industrial plant','atmosphere')
  • citation: literature citation (string) [09-17-14]