This example is an analogous standard to the XML Research Article Metadata standard, except in the JSON-LD format.  Starting from the ChAMP JSON-LD context a research article context was developed to mirror the metadata in the XML version.  Note below that unlike the XML version the context only needs to define those name/value pairs that are not already defined in the ChAMP context.  This is because JSON-LD is more free form than XML and does not require elements to be in any particular order - the reason the W3C committee did not call the context a 'schema'.

article context

Looking at the equivalent example article file below we see the cleaner nature of the JSON format where {} define objects and [] define arrays.  This file can be downloaded here.  To convert the file to different JSON-LD formats and RDF visit the JSON-LD Playground (NOTE:  the contexts for the standard are available at so that they work correctly with the JSON-LD playground).

Example File - DOI:10.1021/ac503447m

article jsonld