In a number of instances a new method is developed from an existing one.  In these situations it is sometimes difficult to appreciate why a method is better/different especially when it is a smaller change.  This category of metadata was developed in order to capture more detail about a method(s) from the perspective of the chemistry or processing of samples, i.e. the use of different material, glassware or small components of an analytical system.  For instance, the addition of a new chemical to a reagent may add stability that improves the reliability of a method, or the use of a different analytical column affords a faster or lower interference detection. If you have a better name for this category than materials send your suggestion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • chemical: a synthesized or purchased amount of a chemical substance that is an important part of the analysis (string) [04-29-15]
  • solution: a prescribed solution that is part of the processing or reaction with the analyte in an analysis (string) [04-29-15]
  • glassware: containers, utensils, and apparati that are made of glass and are important in the chemical analysis process (string) [04-29-15]
  • component: a general category for other pieces/parts that are used specifically in a procedure, e.g. analytical column (string) [04-29-15]