If you want to prove to the community that the methodology you are reporting is accurate and reliable providing information on method validation is required.  The metadata in this category needs to be open such that the wide range of validation methods can be reported. After thinking about his for a few months the reporting of metrics, statistics, validation processes, or example data (added 02-17-15) is all about making a statement of the quality of the methodology - how good is the method at performing the analysis.  So, the category has been renamed quality metadata (02-17-15). Please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if you have any comments, or additions to the list below.


Numeric values that are characteristic of the chemical analysis method

Statistics Chemometrics

Statistical tests that evaluate the appropriateness of the model used in the calibration of data or comparison of chemical analysis metrics between different analysis methods


Processes that are carried out to measure accuracy, assess reliability over time or across laboratories

Example Data